Past Projects

North Bay has been the backdrop to a number of film and tv productions over the past decade. Learn more about which projects have shot in North Bay through the drop-down tabs below.

Filming Statistics

  • Invitation Au Voyage
  • Drive Back Home
  • SkyMed Season 2
  • Everything's Going to be Great
  • Swing into Romance
  • Christmas by Chance
  • Seeds
  • Harvest Homecoming
  • Christmas on Windmill Way
  • Anywhere
  • Love is the Monster
  • Canada's Hockey Drought
  • Chopping Boy
  • Nobel & the Kid
  • Homestead for Christmas
  • Call Me Mother – Season 2
  • Purgatory Jack
  • Sunset Superman
  • Essex County – Season 1
  • Beyond Black Beauty
  • The Lake – Season 2
  • Ephemera
  • Civil
  • Tourism Commercial
  • Documentary
  • Christmas at the Drive-In
  • Hudson & Rex – Season 5
  • Pandemic
  • The Boy in the Woods
  • The Royal Welch Jones
  • Writing A Love Song
  • We Forgot to Break Up
  • Fall Into Winter
  • The Dogs
  • Call Me Mother
  • North of Normal
  • Love Rescued
  • Pop Whiz Game Show
  • The Great Christmas Switch
  • Holiday Train
  • The Lake – Season 1
  • Angel Falls Christmas
  • Tourism Commercial
  • Wickensburg
  • Jingle Bell Princess
  • Couleurs du Nord
  • A Tiny Home Christmas
  • The Winter Palace
  • Junction Row
  • Christmas by the Book
  • When Hope Calls
  • Unsettled
  • Peter and the Rabbit
  • The Swan
  • Abduction
  • Drive
  • Too Close for Christmas
  • Lakewood
  • Flee the Light
  • Tycoon’s Kiss
  • Salvage Kings
  • Delia’s Gone
  • Christmas Carousel
  • All My Puny Sorrows
  • Son of Trickster
  • Crossword Mysteries 2
  • Crossword Mysteries 3
  • Cardinal
  • Like a House on Fire
  • Angel Falls 2
  • Kid Detective
  • When Hope Calls
  • Astonishing Tales of Terror
  • Carter
  • Rising Suns 2
  • Cosmic Dawn
  • Cold String
  • New Eden
  • The Knight Before Christmas
  • The Hole
  • House of Invention
  • Nowhere to Be Found
  • The Christmas Calendar
  • Noel En Boite
  • Natalie
  • She Never Died
  • The Rest of Us
  • Miss Kringle
  • Hit the Ice
  • Fly By Christmas
  • Crossword Mysteries
  • Entangled
  • Rivers Crossing
  • Sleigh Bell Sweethearts
  • Pride & Prejudice & Mistletoe
  • Astonishing Tales of Terror
  • Christmas Inheritance
  • A Song for Christmas
  • Mighty Planes 4
  • Hard Rock Medical
  • Her Stolen Past
  • Cardinal: Blackfly
  • Carter
  • Cardinal: By the Time You Read This
  • Historic Homes of the Future
  • Angel Falls
  • Room For Romance

"We at Pair of Ducks Productions, are pleased that we can draw on the actors of North Star Talent for our films. Working with industry professionals from Northern Ontario not only helps foster northern talent but also provides local cast and crew with training in all areas of film production."Jim Calarco
Actor, Producer and Casting Director

"Working with the Economic Development Department these past few months has been exceptional. After living in Toronto for over 15 years and having a great experience as a film location manager for a few of those, I can personally say that working in North Bay has been even better. The staff’s professionalism and willingness to make it work is extraordinary. It is very difficult to manage a film/tv series' Location Department with all the variables and ever-changing requests. I can honestly say it makes it so much easier knowing I have their support and they will work equally as hard to put all the pieces in place to create the kind of culture that should be a part of any film/tv series—mutual cooperation on all levels." Douglas Brisebois
Location Manager, Carter Season 1 and 2

North Bay Ontario Canada

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