North Bay is home to an array of filming locations. Discover how your shoot can come to life with beautiful Northern Ontario landscapes, expansive studio space, and a variety of Cityscapes. 

North Bay Film Studios

Downtown North Bay and Waterfront (DIA)

Filming in Downtown North Bay and Waterfront

Why Film in Downtown North Bay and Waterfront?

North Bay's Downtown and Waterfront offer popular filming destinations, unique shops, and a film-friendly community. Connect with the Downtown North Bay & Waterfront (DIA) to arrange the use of filming A-Frames, removal of Main Street banners, and more.

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Downtown Filming Considerations

All filming locations within the Downtown North Bay boundaries must adhere to the following:

  • Consent Form for “dressing” storefronts/buildings which are not the actual filming location. Production will be responsible for creating and obtaining consent forms from each property that is to be dressed/included in the set/filming shot. Copies of each consent form to be submitted with film permit request;
  • Block sign off form - Production will be responsible for creating a form/chart/table and obtaining consent from the majority of merchants and building/property owners from within the downtown block where they intend to film. Copies of these signature forms are to be submitted with the film permit request;
  • Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew to be photocopied on the back of film notification letters;
    In addition to notification process (outlined in NOTIFICATION section) a copy of the notification letter must be submitted to Downtown North Bay office if filming location falls within the Downtown boundaries;
  • Temporary signage indicating “Filming in Progress” to be erected at both extremities of set – (2 “A-frame” signs can be provided to Productions if required)
    Specific Downtown Considerations to be included in the permit approvals for all Downtown filming locations may include but not be limited to:
    • Using store front entrances as change room and/or storage facilities are strictly prohibited unless otherwise indicated by specific store owners;
    • Any/all garbage created or décor set up by the Production is to be cleaned up by the Production no later than 24 hours after wrapping at that location; otherwise the Production may be subject to fines – see Clean Up section;
    • Any cables/wiring must be covered with safety mats and extension cords should never be left on site if Production is not in preparation, filming or wrapping / cleaning up;
      Filming shall not prevent pedestrian access to businesses / offices / residences. Intermittent pedestrian access shall be permitted even during sidewalk/road closures;
    • Providing courteous and friendly messaging to the public who are walking past the set to access a storefront;
    • Limiting number of production vehicles and crew parking within Downtown boundaries whenever possible;
    • Request Assistant Director to recite “Downtown Considerations” on approved filming permit at production safety briefings before filming commences for the day;
    • Request that notifications are not taped to the door of a business/property that is currently closed but rather return when the business is open to deliver notice; and
    • Recommend that the Assistant Location Manager or Location Manager be on set when filming in downtown boundaries to check that all downtown considerations are being observed and respected

North Bay Jack Garland Airport (YYB)

Filming at North Bay Jack Garland Airport

North Bay Jack Garland Airport Overview

The North Bay Jack Garland Airport has worked with many different production companies in order to meet unique needs of filming at an active airport. Please note that should you wish to pursue a film/television project at the North Bay Jack Garland Airport, our team will work with location specialists by taking the below approach.

Initial Site Visit

The initial site visit includes: introduction to Airport staff, brief overview of the facility and access to interior/exterior of the terminal, parking and public grounds.

North Bay Jack Garland Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the Airport can be viewed at the below link.

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Airport Familiarization Tour and Technical Review

The Airport Tour and Technical Review will require a pre-scheduled meeting with Airport staff to review project needs and access airside areas (runways, taxiways, aprons) and other restricted areas within buildings, at applicable rates posted on the airport website.

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Project Planning

Airport staff works in concert with the City’s Economic Development Department on filming permits. The Airport must undertake a detailed risk assessment and impact audit as part of their Safety Management System before allowing any filming activity at the Airport.

Making the proposed filming schedules available to the Airport, details of planned scenes, proposed special effects, duration and number of people requiring access and any other pertinent details about the project will help Airport staff complete their internal review. Additional special effect needs such as lighting, lasers, drones, smoke effects, etc. can all impact the Airport operations and need to be identified, discussed and approved in advance.

In addition to the City’s filming permit process (required for each location), while filming at the airport, productions shall be required to enter into an Airport Location Agreement (to be provided by Airport staff) that includes, but not limited to:

  • Safety Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Event Schedule
  • Event Map (including a detailed diagram of the area of operations and associated limits)
  • Parking Plan
  • Garbage storage and collection and property restoration
  • Communication Plan
  • Special Airport Permitting

Event Organizers are responsible for communicating with private landowners in order to obtain advanced permission in order to access/use of their property for any purposes.


Filming at the Airport will include cost recovery of staff time and resources and an Administration Fee which will be dependent on the size, requirements and duration of the project.

Filming at North Bay Jack Garland Airport

The following standard conditions apply when filming at the Airport. The facility is first and foremost an operational certified airport. Federal aviation policies, practices and procedures will be respected and take priority. Additional provisions may be included in the Location Agreement depending on the nature of the project:

  • The Production must agree to and sign a Location Agreement prior to being granted access to the facility and/or grounds;
  • The Production will be briefed to ensure that they have a complete and clear understanding of restricted areas and filming production limitations – any trespassing in a restricted area or transgressions will result in the immediate termination of the agreement and the Production will be removed from the premises;
  • If filming takes place past sunset, no lighting is to be pointed in the direction of the aircraft maneuvering areas (including runways and taxiways);
  • If filming is to be extended beyond previously coordinated and approved times, the production must notify airport site authority in advance – a full schedule will be required for approval by the Airport Management prior to any filming;
  • Airport structures are being rented “as is”;
  • Proof of coordination / access and approval with owner / tenant for private equipment and facilities are the Production responsibility;
  • Condition of Hangars and all items must remain in its original state (any damages will be subject to full replacement costs);
  • Any and all garbage must be collected and secured at all times. Secure garbage bins must be present on-site at all times, and must be provided by the Production for the duration of the filming;
  • A complete list of equipment/props being brought on the premises is required prior to commencing filming; it should be noted that the Airport and its immediate surroundings are a drone free zone as enforced by Transport Canada;
  • The Production shall, at its own cost and expense, be liable for and remedy any environmental damage that occurs as a result of any event caused by the production, or act or omission of the Production, its agents, servants, employees, contractors or subcontractors. The obligations and liabilities of the Production relating to the environmental damage shall survive the expiry or early termination of the Location Agreement;
  • The use of remote-controlled devices or remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), including aerial drones, is strictly prohibited at the North Bay Jack Garland Airport unless otherwise approved in advance by the Airport, City and Transport Canada.  
  • A list of all products and associated Safety Data Sheets (WHMIS-GHF 2015) which may be an environmental concern shall be provided the airport to include in the initial impact audit;
    A security deposit and full payment for the facility rental and associated costs will be due prior to first day of production on-site;
  • The Airport Management will be included on daily Call Sheets;
  • Any special effects taking place on Airport property, tenant properties, or their immediate vicinity will require prior consent of the Airport Management and follow all legislative safety regulations;
    Filming Notification will need to be prepared and distributed to surrounding residents/businesses.
  • The Airport Management will distribute to existing Airport Tenants;
  • Production company to supply their own power source;
  • Insurance requirement of a minimum of $5 million with the “North Bay Jack Garland Airport Corporation” and “The Corporation of the City of North Bay” listed as additional named insured; and,
  • Production to supply copy of WSIB clearance certificate or insurance for all activities including injuries for people being on site whether employees contractors or visitors.

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Locations Library

Ontario Creates Locations Library

The Ontario Creates Locations Library is the best database to find film-friendly locations in North Bay. If you are looking for a specific location and can’t find it in the database, please email filming@northbay.ca for further support.

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Neighbouring Communities

“I have to say that once I landed in North Bay, the team was very much ready and willing to meet all of the production’s needs and they came through in a very big way. Whether it was permits, bookings, contracts or processing a road closure (Main Street) on days’ notice, what we asked for would not have been completed without their help. Quite remarkable I must say. I will never forget the experience, neither will the Producers of this project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you all in the near future. I am sure the writer, Giles Blunt, will be proud once he sees what was accomplished in the City of North Bay."Srdjan Vilotijevic
Location Manager, Cardinal, Season 1

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